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British Language Centre insegnanti sotto i riflettori


Born in 1968 in Sheffield. Studied in London at Roehampton Institute, University of Surrey where he graduated in English and Drama. After backpacking his way around Europe he moved to Paris in 1991 and took his TEFLA certificate. For the last 28 years he has been living and teaching English in Italy. He can be found in a number of places like the British Language Centre in Molfetta which is his main business or in the classical and scientific high school where he has been the language assistant on the Cambridge IGCSE course for the last four years. Over the years Andrew has worked in numerous state schools throughout Puglia teaching English both in curricular and extra curricular activities, he has held workshops in Rome and Foggia on the importance of Drama in the EFL classroom, he has been an examiner for Cambridge assessment and has  worked as in-house trainer in companies in the Bari area as well as being Course Director in England on summer language courses for International House, Study Club and MJA. 

He translates copywrites and proofreads in his free time .He enjoys translating as much as teaching. He is continually looking out for new challenges and takes every opportunity to gain experience.
He enjoys acting, reading scripts and writing for the theatre as well as dancing swing/ lindy hop.
A sociable and patient person who has extremely good communication skills, he is able to adapt to new situations and makes people feel at ease.

Notizie e aggiornamenti: Notizie e aggiornamenti
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